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Schools and Classrooms

BPAV also offers theater and sound system installations for gymnasiums, performing arts centers, and auditoriums.
Burrows Pro Audio Video is a leader in installation of school technology. We are very experienced in the latest whiteboard screens and projectors along with sound systems to accompany them. It is our mission to provide schools in western Oklahoma with state of the art technology for a price that is affordable with service that is fast and reliable.
Audio Mixer
Wire connectors


Our audio for schools and classrooms consists of sound systems and speakers to accompany projectors and digital whiteboards. Our technicians are highly trained to fit classrooms with the right equipment that will work best for the teachers and faculty who are operating them on a day to day basis. We also specialize in the installation of theater and sound systems in auditoriums, performing arts centers, and gymnasiums. 

Digital Whiteboards and Projectors

Burrows Pro Audio Video is a leader in the installation of projectors and digital whiteboards in Western Oklahoma schools.
We believe that having access to state of the art technology right in the classroom empowers students and teachers and allows for a more broad scope of learning with having the world right at their fingertips. Projectors and digital whiteboards allow for entire classrooms to interact and fully engage with each other and the material.
From classrooms to auditoriums to gymnasiums, BPAV can meet all of your needs when it comes to projectors and digital whiteboards. 
Touch Screen


Lighting in auditoriums and gymnasiums is another service Burrows Pro Audio Video offers with our audio and visual systems for schools. Our technicians are experts in designing a lighting system that will be the most effective for your stage and entire auditorium. 
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